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Our History​

We are exclusive worldwide distributors for the wine and spirits sector of this film and exclusive cooperage supplier for the vegetable packaging

The Barthe Group, which includes the Boutes and Garonnaise cooperages, has always known how to adapt and reinvent itself.

After years of packaging our barrels in plastic film, bubble wrap and cardboard, we had to address customer requests and forthcoming challenges.

Aware of our environmental impact, we had to tackle the question of how to reduce our plastic and cardboard usage whilst ensuring the same level of protection for our barrels.

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After years of packaging our barrels with polluting products (plastic film, bubble wrap and cardboard), we had to react. So, aware of our environmental impact, we had to respond to a real problem: how can we reduce our consumption of plastic and cardboard while maintaining the same quality of protection for our barrels?

After months of research and development, the Barthe Group has achieved its goal.

Ecological packaging for wine barrels made in France ​


ECAU: Ecological Compostable Agri Utile is the new packaging for our barrels since April 2022. It is Compostable, eco-responsible, Biodegradable, Recyclable, Made in France.

A Bio-compostable stretch film = biodegradable + compostable.

Poorly managed post-consumer waste (i.e. non-reused, non-recycled waste), on a global scale, now represents 100 million tonnes per year. These undesirables are invading our soils, our rivers and oceans all over the world.

Nearly 150 million tonnes of plastic have accumulated in the oceans since the 1950s. Today, 8 million tonnes are added each year, the equivalent of a dump truck every minute.

13% of cardboard waste is buried in landfills. Study reveals that inks printed on cardboard release toxic chemicals.

To recycle 1 kg of cardboard, 60 to 400 liters of water are used: a real paradox for a recyclable product.

The Barthe Group has equipped all its barrels with ECAU Emballage. Yesterday its packaging represented 10 tonnes of plastic and cardboardper year. This corresponded to the annual consumption of 140 French people. Thanks to our ECAU packaging: the hemp packaging and thecompostable cling film, the cooperage has reduced its pollutants and therefore its greenhouse gas emissions by 28%, its carbon footprint by 1.5%. The equivalent of 33 tonnes of CO2

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